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A hand holding a phone displaying the UNSW and CSIRO website

We provided a mobile-first experience for students and a flexible data export platform for faculty and staff. We worked with UNSW + CSIRO to create a platform that streamlines PhD applications whilst still ensuring all applicants meets the programs strict eligibility criteria.

Working closely with UNSW, CSIRO and PhD candidates, we used stakeholder workshops and design research to identity the best ways to improve applicant eligibility while also keeping the online application process simple and easy to use.

We developed a number of prototypes to test the user journey for applicants and to ensure that the solution design addressed all the requirements of the project. The resulting design focussed on a guided application process that balanced the need to collect user data with an accessible and supported form experience.⁣

Web design Dialogic Studios
Technical lead This Little Duck
A screenshot of the UNSW and CSIRO website
A screenshot of the UNSW and CSIRO website

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