Sydney Theatre Company
2019 Season

For over 30 years, Sydney Theatre Company has been Australia’s premiere theatre company staging works from emerging local talent through to productions on Broadway and international tours.

2018 saw the appointment of their new Artistic Director, Kip Williams, and with him comes a Season that explores power and leadership within our contemporary world.

Sydney Theatre Company approached Dialogic Studios to capture Kip’s vision through a new visual identity and a new approach to their image making. Dialogic embraced this challenge by art directing the 13 images which represent the 13 plays of 2019. A focus on colour, energy and portraiture became the visual glue that holds the images together while still allowing each play to carry its own personality. There is a strong unity throughout the images despite criss-crossing across multiple genres of theatre.

All this was all wrapped up in a new visual identity, one that focuses on strong, bold type and an ever present logo. This new identity was rolled out to all aspects of the Season, from large format signage through to social media and digital applications, and of course, the Season Brochure.

Dialogic also designed the 2019 Season, a key part of the campaign and a main source of information and ticket purchasing for the general public.


“Our Season in 2019 really looks at the various ways that political power is battled for and expanding our investigation into this to, perhaps most personal of environments, the family.”

Kip Williams,
Artistic Director, Sydney Theatre Company

“There’s plenty of drama, a few tears and lots of laughs along the way”

Patrick McIntyre
Executive Director, Sydney Theatre Company