Scull Kombucha

Identity, packaging

Multiple bottles of Scull Kombucha
A closeup of the Scull label on a bottle

Scull Kombucha were one of the first clients to approach Dialogic Studios. It seemed like a perfect fit – they were a young startup who had taken the step to throw themselves into their passion fulltime and so had Hon. They also had a great strategy for their company: to create an amazing kombucha which focussed on unique flavours, home-brewed processes and a brand that was as energetic and vibrant as their product.

They asked Dialogic to devise an identity which would be rolled out across their labels, signage and stationery. Given their values, it seemed inevitable that Grace Lee would jump aboard. She created these amazing figures that just leap off the bottle. The energy and dynamism that Grace is able to imbue in her work is priceless and something we were lucky to have access to.

Dialogic Studios
Illustration Grace Lee
Folio photography Foliolio
A bottle of Scull next to a glass of kombucha
Multiple bottles of Scull Kombucha
Scull business card
Scull sandwich board
Repeating pattern created by Grace Lee

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