The National Library of Australia

Raising funds for the digitisation of Australia's largest archive

Two boys sitting on a porch in rural Australia
A woman and child sitting on a

The National Library of Australia holds Australia’s biggest archive – over 10 million items documenting colonial occupation, the tragedy of the Stolen Generations, and the current struggle towards Reconciliation. Together, they offer a portrait of our country available to those who visit it in Canberra. However, 98% of Australians live outside our nation’s capital. Their goal is to harness digital technologies to make our precious collection available online. For free. For all.

We joined forces with the Library to creatively direct their fundraising campaign to make this goal a reality. We produced imagery that envisioned an Australia where this archive was accessible from our very own homes and documented scenes that this future would accomodate. These images formed the backbone of the campaign which included a beautifully constructed booklet, large-format signage and digital marketing.

Art direction
Publication design
Campaign design
Dialogic Studios
Campaign Manager Kathryn Favelle
Photography James Green
Printing Carbon8
Folio photography Foliolio
Thank you The staff of the Library who allowed us into your homes to help create these beautiful images
Treasured Voices booklet
Treasured Voices booklet
Treasured Voices booklet
Treasured Voices booklet
Treasured Voices booklet

A key part of the Library's campaign was a beautiful booklet to go to potential donors. For the cover, we paired the familiar kraft board of archival boxes with the marble patterning of the Library's foyer. And the inside housed James Green amazing shots of Australians interacting with the Digital Archives from the comfort of their own homes.

Two hands holding a document from the Library archive
A man reading a document from the Library archive
A family in a living room

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