Music and Opera Singers’ Trust

A new identity for a new season

MOST poster
MOST poster

Every year the Music and Opera Singers Trust hold two major events at the Sydney Opera House – the Young Performers Awards and the Australian Singers Competition. As their tagline suggests, these events go ‘Beyond Music’. They provide life changing exposure, experience and opportunities for all that are selected.

We were honoured to be asked to a new season identity for their events. We thought ‘Beyond Music’ was such a great distillation of the events’ spirit that we wanted to hero this messaging by creating a visual companion to the tagline. These images capture the true emotion of these performances and invites us to bear witness to these in the flesh. The colour treatment further heightens the intensity as well as giving the campaign a unity, distinctiveness and eye-catching visual hook.

Dialogic Studios
Campaign Manager Amelia Gledhill

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